Financial planning has a lot of similarities to the game of golf.

     For the last several decades financial advisors have been selling us the newest financial clubs on the market. They are constantly chasing rate of return. However, what good is a new set of clubs if you have a bad swing. A professional golfer could pick up a set of clubs at the flea market, drive to the course and beat most of us playing in sandals. Is it because of his clubs? Absolutely not! He has perfected his swing. At Harvest Life Financial we work to improve our client’s swing before they ever look at clubs. Rate of return is important but it is only part of our overall financial swing. Let us show you how a perfect swing can improve your financial future.

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     Your financial bucket takes years to fill. Unfortunately most of us have holes in our bucket that are causing us to lose wealth unnecessarily and unknowingly. Most financial advisors simply try to increase the amount going into your bucket faster than it’s coming out. We focus on plugging the holes in the bucket before exploring ways to fill the bucket. The average person loses 26% of their lifetime earnings to interest paid on debt.

     We can show you how to plug your financial holes and fill your bucket faster and more efficiently.